My first Nikon.

6 06 2011

My first Nikon was the N90s. Matrix metering, super fast autofocus!

The purchase of the Nikon N90s was supposed to signal a new era of creativity for me.  I was anxious to revisit photography again, this time with real tools.  The N90s was Nikon’s most advanced camera at the time, with features that rivaled their then professional F4.  Of course, I really wanted the F4, but it’s price at the time was way out of reach for a young father with a house and raising two girls.  The N90s had matrix metering, super fast autofocus, allowed full automatic operation or a slew of other options–all the way to full manual operation once I got my feet wet again.  I decided on the Nikkor 24-120mm lens as a good starter lens, allowing me options from wide angle through to medium telephoto.  I also bought the Nikong SB-25 flash, which was the companion Speedlight for the N90s.  I was set!  Ready to take the kind of photos I always wanted to.

The arrival of my first Nikon coincided with the beginning of a change in my life.  A gradual slide towards what ended up being the most difficult personal and professional time I had known.  At the time I wandered into the camera shop, my life was right where it was supposed to be.  I was successful and well respected in my career.  Earning a good living.  I owned a house, a pickup truck and a minivan.  All the bills were paid.  My two daughters were in school, well adjusted and happy. My wife, a stay at home Mom (by her own choice) seemed happy and fulfilled.  I worked hard and when I wasn’t working, I was being a Dad.  Like my parents before me who raised three children, happily and without major incident–this I thought, was the American dream.

Most of the photos I took with the new Nikon were family photos.  Trips to Disneyland.  Soccer games.  Birthday parties. School plays. Holiday get-togethers.  Once in a rare while, I would slip out for few hours on a Sunday afternoon to shoot some landscapes.  Family photos were always shot in color.  My personal stuff was shot in black and white, which I had processed at a local custom lab.  I was learning again, but for the most part, I left the Nikon on “AUTO”, letting the matrix metering make the decisions for me.  Nikon’s metering systems have always been fantastic, all they way back to the early F cameras, and the then state-of-the-art metering system in the N90s never failed to provide perfect although sometimes uninspired photos.  I knew that the camera was perfect, but the photographer needed lots of work!




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